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Ahh...  if it were only that easy.
Each project is unique, each with different requirements, materials and packaging.   Prices change based on size of the pieces and the amount of cutting involved in the piece, and a few other factors.  While we would like to give you a ballpark price, it is nearly impossible.  We want to provide you "real numbers" so you can make an informed decision.

Consider the benefits of out-sourcing a large project (such as 300 kits)
 ~ Time & cost of employees focused on this project.  With a big project outsourced, you can focus their energies elsewhere.
 ~ Space constraints: how much valuable space will the project consume with bolts, parts in process and completed kits
 ~ Interruption of service to customers in your shop (maybe there is only one cutting surface)
 ~ Potential for errors because of the multitude of people, days, and kits to create
 ~ Stress and hassle coordinating a big project puts on the the owner/manager (yup, YOU!   Less stress is good.)

We'll happily provide you a free, no obligation estimate for your project.  That estimate will give you pricing for the laser cutting and fusible along with options for other services.  To provide this estimate we need a copy of your artwork and color/fabric assignments.

The next step?   Drop us a line (see below) or call Gail or Carolyn at 928-846-8806

Next step: Drop us a line

We'll give you a call to discuss your specific project and answer any questions



 Based in Arizona


Desert Spirt Studios:  We provide custom laser cutting services for the quilting industry.  Turn your project into a beautiful laser cut kit.  The possibilities are endless as we customize to your needs.  We offer wonderful pre-cut, pre-fused, packaged kits and/or patterns for you and your customers.  The possibilities are endless as we customize to your needs.  Read more...